Who Would Have Thought; Even More Belt Buckles

belt buckles for men

Most men wouldn’t bother. You don’t normally see them spending hours and hours in clothing boutiques at those busy or dead as a morgue malls looking for the right fit. It’s not that they don’t have the patience and fanaticism that their female peers have, it’s just that they have other big interests by the time the weekend rolls around. Like getting to the next big ballgame or rodeo event on time. Speaking of which, they’ll still need to get to the shops in time to get a handle on custom designed belt buckles for men only.

How will they look at that big rodeo do without a sturdy belt buckle to match their wide hats and perfectly stitched boots. Now, to some guys this may all seem quite gauche but you really have to meet one of those urban cowboys to see how they tick, or at least that’s the vibe that comes across. Rodeo or no rodeo, most guys will be at the ballgame, and it’s got to be assumed that most guys do have regular jobs to turn back to come Monday morning.

And in this necessary environment, if they have any serious intention of going places in their jobs or careers they’d better be prepared to look the serious part. If they want to strut their stuff as though they’re back at the rodeo, then so be it. Others might see this as simply being as proud as a peacock. Proud of what you do, proud of what you’ve achieved. And certainly proud of the way you look. By the looks of things, it’s looking mighty fine with that big belt buckle of yours. Looks pretty impressive with that fine, genuine leather belt too.