Some Kill The Pheasant While Others Wear Them

Under better care and management, the pheasant is one wild bird that can be enjoyed by all who have a preference for the wild and rustic. There is something about the taste of the pheasant bird that many folks find irresistible. Perhaps it is the thrill of the occasion, going out into the bush to hunt down those shy yet frantic creatures. And not a shred ever needs to go to waste. Once the carcass is stripped and prepared for the table, what to do with the feathers is the next best thing in the country life style and tradition.

pheasant tail feathers

Some will kill the pheasant while others will wear them. But most will have a taste for both. You can use pheasant tail feathers as part of your fashionable d├ęcolletage. But if you well and truly have a firm taste for the truly outrageous, you know, in the sense that you do want to be noticed, you can opt for peacock feathers. Bear in mind though, that hunted from the wild, even those gorgeous plumes have its limitations in terms of the vividness of color that some folks are demanding. They simply have to be as bright as a bird.

Or as the dandies may prefer, proud as a peacock. Ah, that is an interesting and curious aspect about nature to observe. Why is it then that the male birds are so gorgeous while their female partners are just so plain as Jane. Well Jane of course, never needs to be plain. As part of her personal attire, she can be dressed to the hilt with those colorfully dyed feathers. Yes, you can have them dyed too, but bear in mind that only a specified set of colors are being prepared for you at this time.