L Shaped Business But Not Pear Shaped

When things go wrong this is what they say. It has all gone pear shaped. Of course, many readers may have expletives in mind and that is fine. That is their right. But when things go right for a change, well oh boy, so many more superlative phrases probably come to mind. This short note only has one thing, or should it be said, shape in mind. It likes to believe that when things are working like clockwork, it might be because of the famous L shape.

Look around you if you can. Go and visit those best run offices if you are allowed to gain entry. And what do you see. Sometimes it is so quiet on the office floor you could be forgiven that you have entered a morgue. This organized note, however, likes to think that you may have entered on smart and blissful environment. Everything is in sync, so smart and co-operative, not one single office worker gets in the way of another.

l shaped office desks

And while they are all sitting quietly behind their desks getting on with the business of meeting their deadlines, they are sitting behind l shaped office desks. They are sitting very comfortably indeed. And no, it is not those comfy chairs, those that could put any hard worker to sleep. It is those ergonomically designed chairs that are keeping every smart worker rooted to his or her chair. Smart like clockwork, he or she never forgets to take regular breaks away from the desk.

And he can because all work is on schedule. Speaking of which, this note closes shortly. It can because it is all according to plan. And the note was put together behind a shining white L shaped office desk.